Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our happy customers are saying about VitaDoctors:

  • Emil

    22 SEP, 2014
    “By the time I finished the program I was able to get off all of my insulin, and get my A1C down to 5.4. I haven’t seen reports like this in 10 years of being a diabetic. When my primary doctor looked at the graph of my A1C it was just a line going straight down and he was very surprised that I am now clinically a non-diabetic.”

  • Debra H.

    4 SEP, 2014
    “I was feeling low, exhausted, and not up to what I wanted to do. I was taking 2,000 Mg of metformin. Now with my doctor’s consent I am off my diabetic medication. My energy is great and I have lost 30 pounds on the program.”

  • Joel I.

    15 AUG, 2014
    “My A1C went from an 8.8 to a 5.7 and my blood sugar from 204 to 94 fasting. I’m off my 2000 Mg of metformin. My LDH were 168 and now it’s 121. My cholesterol dropped from 239 to 162 and triglycerides from 349 to 115. Lab testing led to the underlying causes not previously discovered by my other doctors, like fatty liver, autoimmune attack on thyroid and gall-bladder problems. I have dropped 57 pounds without being hungry. Every result has been shared with me, my questions have always been answered, and I feel more educated than I’ve ever felt.”

  • Paul T.

    24 JUL, 2014
    “I started of the program on 2500 Mg of metformin, actos, and a water pill. I no longer take any of those, and I feel fantastic. My A1C has dropped a full point and my blood sugars are down to 98. I just feel great when I get up in the morning. I used to be on an apnea machine for three years, and I no longer need it. I sleep right through the night. I lost over 25 pounds. My doctor saw my results and told me to just keep on doing what I’m doing. I haven’t felt this good in over four years. I have no complaints. I definitely recommend this program to other Type II Diabetics. They will see a great improvement.”