About Us


VitaDoctors was founded by Tracy G Hoyt DC, DACBR, Member Functional Medicine University (FMU).

The vitadoctors.com team is comprised of seasoned functional medicine healthcare professionals who have successfully consulted hundreds of patients back to health. Our professionals spend countless hours researching, attending courses and practicing their trade in order to deliver outstanding results.

OUR Mission

Our mission is to help you sustain your vitality. We want to make the transition from undoing your disease to sustaining your health as seamless as possible. Our delight is to see you at your best from here forward. We provide you with the tools you need from the comfort of your home, making your ongoing health as simple as possible.


We provide online access to your supplements, email answers to questions, telephone consultations with our functional medicine professionals, and follow up lab testing. Inexpensive maintenance packages allow you to choose the level of support you desire.